4 reasons why you should own a folding bike

Find out why a folding bike is perfect for commuting and adventure travelling

Imagine you walk into your local bike shop to buy a new bike, or you are sitting in front of your laptop and ask Google, which bike is best for me? A folding bike is a perfect choice if you are looking for a flexible and practical transportation, but also a great bike for your adventures, in the city and in nature.

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Folding bikes are cool

“Cool” is not just a social status, cool in the context of bikes, means that there is something fascinating about a bicycle that can fold into a convenient size only to blossom back to its full-blown grandeur on demand. Here are four reasons to own a foldable bike and some rambling thoughts as to just what it is that makes them cool.


1. Folding bikes are very practical – The Swiss army knife

A folder is an excellent city bike, but it is also the best travel companion. You could be asking yourself – can I bring a folding bike on the bus, plane, on my boat or camper? Of course! If your commute includes a bus or a train, you can easily bring it with you and have it next to your seat or between your feet.

Folding bikes can be stowed on boats or in the boot of a compact car, and depending on the airline, they comply with normal luggage sizes.

If you bring it into your office, you can store it under your desk. In your apartment, where space is limited, you can store it behind an armchair, you can even hang it on the wall. If you are visiting a new city, or you are on a business trip, it takes little space in your hotel room. An inconspicuous travel companion ready to spring to life, be it in town or out in the free.


2. It is easy to fold, light and compact – anybody can lift it and bring it anywhere

The beauty of folding easily without compromising riding characteristics can be a design challenge. A good bike folds down a fraction of its original size in seconds. Depending on the wheel size, when collapsed, a folding bike takes little space when you are travelling. At the same time, it should ride well when deployed and weigh no more than a 6-month-old, but please, don’t carry them both at the same time – get two bikes and let your companion take care of the child.

Our Vogel Curie weighs around 7 kilos, so it is light enough to make sure when folded in your luggage, that you still have plenty of room and weight for clothes and your personal kit. The main reason why folding bikes are becoming so popular among commuters and travellers is their portability.


3. Investing in a folding bike is smart

A good folder isn’t the cheapest bike you can buy, but it does open doors that a traditional bike doesn’t. In doing so, it can offset costs in the form of convenience and lifestyle. Imagine you have a meeting in town and have no time to be stuck in traffic or to find parking. A collapsable bike can allow you to hop on a train, metro or ferry and enjoy the journey. You save time because you are not dependent on the traffic and parking availability. And we all know, time is money!

At your destination a good folder can pack down and come with you into a meeting without being obtrusive, instead of waiting for you at the curb side and risking being stolen or damaged.


4. Commuting on a folding bike is eco-friendly and good for your health

Biking is a healthy way of commuting, good for the environment and for you. With your choice of biking instead of taking a car, you help cut down on greenhouse emissions, and thus global climate change. Noise pollution and congestions are reduced, making the roads safer for you and your kids. Moreover, being active is good for you. It is as simple as that. Bike to work and back, and you have completed your daily physical activity and can feel good about yourself.



All in all, to buy a foldable bike is worth it, for multiple reasons. A folding bike is practical, it saves you money and you can bring it everywhere you go. Like all bicycles, collapsible bikes support an eco-friendly lifestyle and they are fun. What really makes them cool is that they can fit into many different aspects of a modern lifestyle and accompany in your daily life as well as on a sailing vacation or a visit abroad.

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