Having traveled through Europe as part of an art project “Sounds from the Route”, and later completed the infamous #Badlands2021 race, this Vogel gravel bike has a truly unique story to tell…

…and can now be yours!

Each year 1% for the Planet urges their members to take part in an auction supporting the network and thus providing funds for the many NGO’s working for a better environment. At Vogel Bikes, being a member of 1% for the Planet donating part of our revenue each year, we decided to pay our contribution this time with one of our bikes – for the benefit of the planet and not the least our customers.

The Bike
We have decided to donate the custom carbon Vogel GF-001 “Art Bike” which you may have seen featured on our social media channels over the summer. Built by Vogel Bikes in July 2021 the details and features are cyclocross inspired and make for a truly unique one-off gravel grinder.

It is built up with Gevenalle shifters and derailleur, 2X drivetrain with 50/39 chainring in the front, 11/32 in the back, and a DT Swiss wheel set. The unique colors and patterns were designed and painted by artist David Sebastián Lopez Restrepo before going on two major adventures through Europe.

Whilst riding, he recorded soundscapes from the route which have turned into a podcast series “Sounds from the route”, which can be found on Spotify.

The Artist
Copenhagen based artist, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo, combines his work as a performance artist with his passion for cycling and traveling. Sebastian ́s collaboration with Danish companies, Vogel Bikes, and Coh&Co Copenhagen, began in 2020, when he used one of their wooden bikes in a sound performance at the Danish National Gallery.

With Vogel and the “Sounds from the route” project this bike became a tool for his art. 

The Company
As someone receiving this newsletter you’d know about by now, still we thought it appropriate with a small outline of who we are.

Vogel Bikes came to life in the Spring 2020 to provide an online custom bike shop service, where we build up each bike made to order and as you want it. Vogel is a team of mechanics, frame builders, designers and engineers who love bikes.

With Vogel we are offering a custom, no-compromise carbon fiber bicycle made to order only, lowering the CO2 footprint in comparison with mass-producing bikes for “shelf-life”. Working together with 1% for the Planet and its partners Vogel is committing itself to reduce the inherent environmental footprint of our products which are in their nature born of global manufacturing. 

Why 1% for the Planet?

Building frames and bikes on-demand allow us to take advantage of existing stocks of hardware and a very focused frame production that delivers a single unit in a relatively short amount of time. 

We acknowledge that, although we think this business model improves on the CO2 footprint of our products, it still has a long way to go and that is why Vogel has joined 1% for the Planet. Working together with 1% for the Planet and its partners Vogel is committing itself to reduce the inherent environmental footprint of products born of global manufacturing. 

Currently, our focus is on absorbing CO2 to offset transportation and manufacturing by planting trees. We look forward to moving beyond this and including alternative transportation and manufacturing methods that can reflect reductions in environmental impact. 

With Vogel, we believe we can provide a great service by building what you want, when you need it – and sending it straight to your door. 

Despite this being a bit more costly we believe that the inherent savings in this model allow us to build unique offerings at an exceptionally competitive price.