Bikes Built by Us for You

Here at Vogel, we provide a custom bike service where we build up each bike made to order and as you want it.

Despite the simplicity of this statement, it does open doors for a lot of questions. That is why we’d like to take a moment to talk about what we mean by “custom bikes” and why it makes sense.

In a market where customers want a bigger say in the features, nuances, and quality of what they buy; and at a time when our planet is in desperate need of better resource planning – it makes quite a bit of sense to build things for people asthey want it and when they want.

This stands in contrast to building thousands or tens of thousands of gravel bikes on speculation with an 18-24-month production pipeline and then shipping them around the world to big warehouses where they can sit until they are shipped to a dealer.

Dealers are not the end of the road. Here, gravel bikes can sit for many more months, taxing floor space and accruing interest before being sold. In addition to the apparent logistical inefficiencies of such a system this also often results in surplus that ends up dumped onto the market at discount prices. Such deals may provide a cheap gravel bike to the occasional end-user but they do so at the expense of undermining the service and dealer end of the industry and creating unrealistic expectations for price structures and availability.

This is why we decided that we wanted to build a new brand, an online bike shop, that would address the issues of this prevailing business model and build gravel and folding bikes for commuting and touring – for the people that appreciate them and want to ride them and while doing so at a fair price. While some big brands have addressed this by selling directly from the warehouse to the public through internet sales, these are still prefab bicycles that bear the stamp of the same business model.

At Vogel Bikes we aim to be your go-to custom online bike shop.

At Vogel Bikes, we don’t begin building a frame until the rider has told us exactly what they want… 

…and when a bike is ordered we start sourcing and putting together the hardware package as the rider wants it.

So what is “custom” bikes at Vogel?

We will be the first to tell you that we build our bikes of carbon fiber and that, in and of itself, means that our frame geometries are bound to the geometry of the tooling we have invested in.

In other words, we do not design custom frame geometries for every order.

We do, however, build the frame specifically for you and that is why we can offer custom paint and refined delivery times. But this doesn’t just mean a custom paint job, …

…no, this means that this is a bike built for you!

Browsing our online bike shop you will see that we have some suggested configurations but we encourage you to come with your own ideas and requests. So, if you are hooked on a specific hub set, be it from Chris King or Hope; or maybe a unique cockpit set up like the Gevenalle cyclocross shifters we are keen to make sure we get you out rolling with the kit you most desire.
We are here to help you with decisions and support through the process of ordering your bike online – and we are also here to answer questions about what will and what will not work on your intended gravel bike build or when ordering your most desired version of the Curie folding bike.  

Before leaving you we’d also like to point out that “custom” also gives you the opportunity to decide on the logistical environmental impact of your order.

If you’re really itching to get on that new bike and roll then we can speed things up by shipping components by air, but when we do this it’s a bit more costly and we feel obliged to offset the CO2 of the air transport by planting some trees. We do this through our membership of 1% for the Planet.

If you have a bit more time then you can choose our standard delivery times, these add an additional 6 or 7 weeks to delivery, but in addition to being a bit less expensive, sea freight is also more environmentally friendly than airfreight. 
So at the end of the day at Vogel “custom” means that we do our best to provide just the bike you want and a service level that ensures that it’s just the way you want it.