Gravel bikes

Custom built carbon fiber gravel bikes for bikepacking & touring. Build your bike on our online bike shop and get it directly at your door.

Vogel gravel bike frame design
Help us choose the best frame design for our new ambassador and his cycling adventure "Vogel and sounds from the route"
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Virtual Gift Card
In the spirit of giving, and in the spirit of acknowledging those in our inner circle at a distance, we thought it was a prime opportunity to offer a virtual bicycle gift to send to your bicycle loving kin. Vogel bikes are only available online and somehow “virtual giving” seems to make a whole lot...
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Trine Schmidt riding a Vogel Bike
Black Friday is just days away and it is once again time to look into the mirror of “ethical consumerism” and reflect upon how we can find a balance between More, Better, and Responsible.
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Here at Vogel, we provide a custom bike service where we build up each bike made to order and as you want it. Despite the simplicity of this statement, it does open doors for a lot of questions. That is why we’d like to take a moment to talk about what we mean by “custom...
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Organizing the toughest and most professional charity event on two wheels, Cykelnerven's yearly Tour de France inspired race, helps create awareness and raise money for curing Sclerosis. Last year alone, 250 cyclists collectively raised 6.500.000 DKK for the cause.
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Detail Vogel bike GF001
In a world where bicycles sit on warehouse shelves and roll through factories for months or even years on end before reaching a rider, Vogel Bikes brings a new approach to the table with some really unique offerings. We have what is probably the world’s lightest folding carbon fiber bicycle for the daily commuter. Not...
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Curie folding bike
...is a question we at Vogel Bikes have heard more than once and somehow its always a bit embarrassing for us to answer, something along the lines of "Hmmm - depends! What sort of hardware do you want?"
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CX-002 pink blue
In June we launched our new GF-001 series. GF-001 is a carbon fiber gravel bike dedicated to adventure exploration wherever you may wish to go.Now we would like to present the new branch on the tree of bikes……our Vogel CX-002
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Vogel GF-001
Last month we built a new Vogel GF-001 and kitted with a Shimano GRX drive train and our hottest carbon rimmed wheels. Then we topped her off with our very own and very comfortable carbon road bars. Add in a rack and a set of mudguards and this gives her a bit of an understated...
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