Gravel and Cross

In June we launched our new GF-001 series

GF-001 is a carbon fiber gravel bike dedicated to adventure exploration wherever you may wish to go.

Now we would like to present the new branch on the tree of bikes…

…our Vogel CX-002

Vogel CX-002

Whereas the GF-001 is designed to accommodate mudguards and racks for touring and adventuring, the CX-002 is a speed-machine with cyclocross and day sprints in mind.

CX-002 has the performance of a road bike with a bit shorter reach, and a bit of height at the bottom bracket to bring you a drop-bar road machine that loves to go off-road. 

Be it cyclocross racing or a romp in the woods with friends; the CX-002 is a playmate. 


For those not in the know, CycloCross is a cycling competition that has won the hearts of those who love to get together with friends and spend the day, giving it everything they can. Powering through a relatively short course of road, trail, mud, and often obstacles as fast as possible. 

Sometimes there are bursts of speed, other times, riders shoulder their bikes to overcome obstacles. The only constant seems to be that, somehow, there always seem to be smiles and cheers. 

Good-hearted and fun, the sport has become popular. 

UCI (the world cycling federation has recognized the sport and maintains a ruleset for the bikes) defines a bike with roadlike race geometry, and max tire size of 33 mm and has held world championships since 1950. 

Like all Vogel bikes, we build every CX-002 custom for you, when you order it. 

We source all components for your bike and craft the frame by hand from the bottom up – specifically for you. See our basic kit options on our web page or if you have any special inquiries, they are also welcome. 

Check out our new video chat option, where you can book a time to discuss your new ride.

So what to think about when choosing a CX-002? 

Well, first of all, it is best, to be honest with yourself about where you really want to end up riding. If you are going to be offroad and in the muck much of the time – or on steep hilly terrain with loose dirt and gravel under the tire, then you may want to consider a 1X gear set up. 

All of Vogel’s gravel bikes can be fitted with either single or double chainring in the cranks. 

Single is referred to as 1X and two as a 2X. Although a 2X will give you a broader range and may seem more versatile at first glance, the extra gearing either comes at the top end of the range (60+ kilometers/ hr) or at the bottom end of the range where just about anyone could walk past faster than you can ride. 

1X setup will allow you to spread out the gearing a bit, making it easier to find the right gear on rugged terrain. That is a blessing because shifting can be much more challenging when on rough terrain, and a narrow gear bandwidth often leaves you hunting through the gears. 

With a 42 tooth chainring up front and a 11X42 cassette in the back, you will be able to get a very reasonable powerband well within the needs of most riders. However, if you are going to spend most of your time rolling on country roads where gravel and off-road riding is just the dot over the proverbial “i”, then you should probably consider a 2X setup. We offer a 2Xe version as well.

2X will offer a high-resolution power gradient when shifting gears and thus allowing you to find exactly the gear ratio that is most comfortable, just as you would on a road bike. 2X can be really great if you are out with friends and riding in a pack. 

Enjoy your ride

Whatever gearing you chose and whatever kind of riding you do, the Vogel CX-002 is a great foundation for a fun ride. 

Cyclocross or offroad fun, the CX-002 will open new doors, so get out there and enjoy your ride!