Vogel Bikes – Building What you need When You Need it

In a world where bicycles sit on warehouse shelves and roll through factories for months or even years on end before reaching a rider, Vogel Bikes brings a new approach to the table with some really unique offerings. We have what is probably the world’s lightest folding carbon fiber bicycle for the daily commuter.

Not to mention some really hot gravel bikes for the modern adventurer, and let’s not forget our CX series that brings a cutting edge competition steed to the program. 

Curie folding bikes come in many configurations and colors – choose a base model and go from there.

In addition to our bikes, we take a lot of pride in our business model.
Our bicycles are more than just a great, fun piece of kit

– they represent a new approach to buying a bike. 

Frames on-demand

With Vogel you order a bicycle and the day you place your order we begin the process of producing the frame and sourcing the hardware package. Yes, from the first pieces of carbon then on to the paint shop – from the wheel build to the assembly – every step of the way your bike has your name on it.
Then: BINGO, a few weeks later you have a new custom steed shipped from our workshop in Copenhagen

In this manner, Vogel offers a really unique buying experience

– you get exactly what you want, handbuilt only for you. 

Building frames on-demand offers a unique buying experience, but we are still part of the global bicycle supply chain and its perks…

Perks of the bicycle industry supply chain

There are however some additional perks to this way of doing business.

First of all the traditional bicycle industry is plagued by a 1,5 to 2-year production cycle. This means that the bikes and components you see in the shop today were put into the works in 2018 and have had a relatively long life hanging around in assembly factories, sitting on shelves at regional distribution centers, then at a local bike shop or online retailer – and finally on the shop floor or maybe mail order to you. 

This long complicated supply chain makes for convenient buying and keeps pushing bikes into the sales pipeline but it is neither efficient nor is it environmentally friendly. 

This process is wrought with the stumbling blocks of postmodern industrialism; 

  • Stock needs to be financed for several years;
  • Suppliers need to look months or even years into the future to see what frame colors and kit buyers will be asking for; 
  • High transportation costs and CO2 footprints as a result of shipping materials and hardware back and forth to many different parts of the world;
  • Large warehouses of stock that need to be heated and maintain logistical infrastructure and on, and on…

and on and on and on…


1% for the Planet

Reducing impact by joining forces with 1% for the Planet

Building frames and bikes on-demand allow us to take advantage of existing stocks of hardware and a very focused frame production that delivers a single unit in a relatively short amount of time. 

We acknowledge that, although we think this business model improves on the CO2 footprint of our products, it still has a long way to go and that is why Vogel has joined 1% for the Planet. Working together with 1% for the Planet and its partners Vogel is committing itself to reduce the inherent environmental footprint of products born of global manufacturing.

Currently, our focus is on absorbing CO2 to offset transportation and manufacturing by planting trees. We look forward to moving beyond this and including alternative transportation and manufacturing methods that can reflect reductions in environmental impact.  

With Vogel, we believe we can provide a great service by building what you want, when you need it – and sending it straight to your door.

Despite this being a bit more costly we believe that the inherent savings in this model allow us to build unique offerings at an exceptionally competitive price.

We also believe that the process of having a bicycle built directly for you can be a hell of a lot of fun!

Try it out.