Win a Vogel cycling jersey

Help us choose the best frame design for our new ambassador and his cycling adventure “Vogel and sounds from the route”

Our Vogel Bikes ambassador community consists of a small handful of engaged cyclists that in each their own way contribute to keeping the Vogel brand alive.

The ambassador program has been a long and exciting way in the making, and we are proud to finally start presenting the people who dedicate themselves to a diverse palette of bike adventures on each their own custom-built Vogel gravel bike. 

Meet David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo – artist, cyclist, traveler


The first Vogel ambassador to introduce to you is Copenhagen-based artist, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo, who also happens to be a passionate cyclist and traveler. 

Statens Museum for kunst

Sebastian´s collaboration with Vogel Bikes and our sister company Coh&Co, began in 2020 when he used one of our bikes in a sound performance at the Danish National Gallery/Statens Museum for Kunst

“Vogel and Sounds from the Route” is a new collaboration, in which a Vogel gravel bike will be a tool for art – and a chance for you to get involved in the preparation of an exciting bicycle adventure.

3 stages  /// 
From frame design to adventure cycling in the Alps

The 1st stage is the design of a bicycle – and this is where we need your help, and where you get the chance to win a Vogel cycling jersey. All you need to do is vote and share the project on Instagram or Facebook – more info on how to participate below.

On our social media platforms, we will share 4 design options and invite the community – you! – to vote for one of them. The winning option will be the design of the bike that Sebastian will use for the second stage of the project. 

The 2nd stage is where Sebastian will cycle on his Vogel gravel bike from Copenhagen to the Alps in Northern Italy and back to Copenhagen. The trip begins on the 25th of June and is expected to end on the 5th of August. The total distance is 3000 kilometers.

Throughout the trip, Sebastian will explore different terrains and test the limits of the bike. Every day, he will attach contact mics to the bike to record sounds from the road, and a 5 minutes sound clip will be uploaded every day. The sounds will tell us the stories of routes, villages, mountains, and borders. A soundscape is a narrative that is built upon the sounds of an environment. The main goal of this sonic experience is to create and invite people to experience a journey through sound.

In the 3rd stage of the project, those sounds from the bicycle trip will be used for exhibitions and performances in the Faroe Islands on the 12th of August during Summartónar (Faroese Festival of Classical and Contemporary Music) and in Copenhagen during the Bicycles Festival in August.

The project ends with an auction where the bike will be sold and the money donated to a foundation in Colombia, Sebastian’s home country.

How to participate and get the chance to win a Vogel cycling jersey

To enter the competition all you have to do is go to Vogel Bikes Instagram or Facebook page and do the following:

1. Follow our Instagram or Facebook account 
2. Find the post with the above 4 images of various frame designs 
3. In the post’s comment section, vote for your favourite design, tag two of your (cycling) friends, and share the post

On Wednesday, June 9, we randomly pick a winner amongst everyone who voted and completed the 3 steps above. We will contact you through Instagram or Facebook directly. The Vogel cycling jerseys are in the making and will be ready in August/September when Sebastian is back from his trip and will be sent to the winner together with a greeting from him.

We hope you will join us, and help making this project a fun and meaningful cycling adventure! 

Should you have any questions about the project or if you are interested in custom Vogel Bikes, you are always welcome to book a video call or email your thoughts to us at

You can also fill out our questionnaire on our website to let us get an idea of which type of bike you are looking for and how we can help build a custom bike for you. Take a look here.