Teaming up with Cykelnerven on their ‘Cycling for a world without Sclerosis’ mission

Organizing the toughest and most professional charity event on two wheels, Cykelnerven’s yearly Tour de France inspired race, helps create awareness and raise money for curing Sclerosis. Last year alone, 250 cyclists collectively raised 6.500.000 DKK for the cause.

Cykelnerven challenge route

This year 4.300.000 DKK was raised, despite a cancelled ride… BRAVO!

Vogel Bikes contributed with a gravel bike offered as a lottery price, where all proceeds of the tickets sold went directly to Cykelnerven.

It is no secret that we had been looking forward to seeing one of our bikes on a mountain top in the Alps – and not the least to congratulate a winner of a Vogel Gravel bike after the race, but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 trip to France was first postponed, then eventually canceled.

Nonetheless, despite the disappointment of not getting to ride after a year of training, money was still raised – AND we did find a winner of a Vogel Gravel bike! 

BIG congratulations to Kjeld who turned out to not only be a keen cyclist, but also an experienced rider and campaigner for Cykelnerven itself. We think it is well deserved and we look forward to building a bike for him – with the added bonus of hopefully next year seeing a Vogel bike racing the Tour mountains after all!

Check out the 2020 route here

Scenes from last year’s Cykelnerven challenge!

Building Kjeld’s bike

As you probably have figured out by now, this win does not conclude in us grabbing a finished bike off the shelf and shipping it out to Kjeld. Winning one, or deciding to buy a Vogel bike, is really just the beginning of a process of carefully choosing the frame and the build that is right for you.

With Vogel you order a bicycle and the day you place your order we begin the process of producing the frame and sourcing the hardware package. From the first pieces of carbon then on to the paint shop – from the wheel build to the assembly – every step of the way your bike has your name on it.

So, more on Kjeld and his new Vogel bike in the coming weeks.

Vogel illustration

One last note as we are shipping new frames soon!

While we have a few frames in production as we speak, we will in the very near future be preparing to ship frames to Copenhagen to build up new and fresh Vogel bikes. 

There will be a few spaces left in the shipment!

So, if you have been considering a Vogel bike, now might be a good time. 

Frames shipped collectively means lower freight costs for our customers – and for the planet. We offset the Co2 footprint of our production and transportation by planting trees – read more about this in our recent journal post 

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